The list below is intended to give some idea of the scope of Kinesiology...

Accident Trauma Addictions Allergies Anxiety Arthritis
Asthma Aches & Pains Bacteria & Bacterial Toxins Behavioural Problems Bell's Palsy
Bulging Discs Candida Cell Damage Depression Digestive Disorders
Dyslexia Emotional Upsets Fungus & Fungal Toxins Hormonal Imbalances Hyperactivity
Impaired Immune System Insomnia Lymph Nodes Fears/Phobias/Panic Attacks Parasites & Parasite Toxins
Sports Injuries Sciatica Skin Disorders Sinusitis Structural Problems
Vaccines & Vaccine Toxins Vertigo Viruses & Virus Toxins Weight Issues (Over & Under)  

...and much, much more

Kinesiology can be of real benefit with a range of different diseases like: Diabetes, Cancer, Pain, Weight, Infection, Virus, Diet, Thyroid, Sleep, Depression 

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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