Surrogate Testing

Surrogate testing is a very effective method of balancing stress in the body of a person who is unable for whatever reason to attend for a session.  A third party is required to act as the surrogate.  The surrogate doesn't "take on" the energy of another person, they simply allow their muscles to be used to indicate the energy flow of the other person.  Surrogate testing is an excellent way to test infants, those too young/old to understand the testing procedures or pets, who respond very well to energy work.  People suffering paralysis or those immobilized by injury, casts or recent surgery.  This is an amazing, invaluable technique.  Even the unconscious person can be balanced using a surrogate.  The same process can be utilised to "allergy test" and is exceptionally helpful in checking out an infant's dietary needs.

Kinesiology can be of real benefit with a range of different diseases like: Diabetes, Cancer, Pain, Weight, Infection, Virus, Diet, Thyroid, Sleep, Depression 

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

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