Browse through the many client testimonies received some of which have been recently published. The book entitled "Kinesiology" was published by UK Publishing company Life - Work Potential Ltd. and is available for purchase from all good bookshops.


I began my final year in secondary school last Sept and with the stress of the exams ahead of me I developed OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  On a daily basis I found myself overwhelmed with constant obsessive fears about being contaminated by germs or dirt and I felt that somehow I would cause others around me to become contaminated too.

I was spending nearly all my free time cleaning instead of studying and that left me feeling frustrated and extremely anxious about failing my exams.

By the time the Christmas holidays arrived the condition had become so bad that Mum decided it was time I see the Doctor.  The Doctor put me on a course of anti anxiety medication and it was suggested I also begin a course of anti-depressants.  At 17 that was the last route I wanted to take.  I asked the Doctor if I could give the anti anxiety medication a try first and then make a decision about the anti-depressants.

I took the anti anxiety medication for almost 3 months and although it relieved the tightness in my chest and took the edge off a little I was still experiencing the obsessive thoughts and engaging in the compulsive behaviour although perhaps to a lesser degree.

I decided to do my own research on the subject and came across several websites listing different treatment options available.  That's when I came across Annette's site and saw that OCD was listed as one of the top ten general health conditions she works with.

I went along for my first 3 sessions and also had a follow up session 6 weeks later and I'm delighted to say that all of the initial symptoms of OCD are gone.  With the help of Kinesiology I was able to focus more on my studies and I managed to sit through my Leaving Cert exams without needing to take nay medication.  I'm also thinking a lot clearer since my sessions with Annette and my thoughts have become much more positive.

I've been able to enjoy the Summer Holidays after a very tough year and although the weather hasn't been great I've been feeling more relaxed than ever.  I'm really excited about getting my Leaving Cert results on the 15th and starting the next chapter in my life.

Thanks for everything Annette x

J. Reynolds, Sligo

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland



After years of abdominal pain and discomfort I was finally diagnosed with Diverticulitis.  I was having flares as often as every two months - severe pain, fever and nausea caused by infected diverticulitis.

These entailed weeks of antibiotics and other medications.  I was taking as many as eleven tablets per day to say nothing of the pain.  Antibiotic after antibiotic only stopped it temporarily.

A work colleague recommended Kinesiologist Annette Reilly to me.  I went to see Annette and after my first session I actually felt relief.  I have been for 3 more sessions since and I have had absolutely no more flares or problems of any kind.  Annette has made a major difference in my life.  I owe my cure to Annette.

Rose McCormack, Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


On Thursday morning last I was given the HPV Vaccine in school and immediately following it I began to feel very weak. The nurses kept me in the room for several minutes before allowing me to return to class.

I went out at break time and had something small to eat. After break I had to go back to the office as I began to feel unwell again. The nurses said it was best if I went home early to rest. I arrived home at 11.30am and felt extremely tired. I went to bed at 7pm that evening and didn't wake until 11am the following morning. I still felt extremely tired but otherwise I was ok.

Friday afternoon I was getting slight episodes of dizziness but they wouldn't last very long. On Saturday my cousin came over to visit and while we were outside playing I began to get short dizzy spells again. I was also getting very bad chest pain but it would only last a short time and then go again.

We were up in my bedroom chatting around 8.45pm and I began to feel very weak, my breathing became very heavy and my hands and legs went numb and went almost black in colour.

My Dad immediately phoned Annette and asked if she could see me. Luckily Annette was home when he called. My Dad had to practically carry me through the door and put me up on the treatment couch as my legs had gotten so weak by the time we arrived.

Annette worked on me for 1.5 hours that night. Annette was able to defuse the stress in my system by working on the additives that had been used in the vaccine.

After the treatment I felt so much better. I was able to sit up and have a giggle. The dizziness was completely gone, my normal colour had returned and I was able to walk out the door myself! I had a fantastic sleep that night and I was bursting with energy in the days that followed.

Thanks a million Annette.

Chloe Madden, Aughnacliffe, Co. Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

LOWER BACK PAIN                                                                                                                                                   

By chance I happened to come across Annette's name and found her website.  I was very impressed with what I read there.

I've suffered on and off with lower back pain for years with no relief.  Since attending Annette I've gone from strength to strength.  It's unreal what she has done for me, I feel absolutely great.

 So much so that I am now bringing my 2 year old daughter to her who has not slept properly since she was born.  I have no doubt Annette will have her sleep pattern sorted out in no time.

Annette K. Co. Roscommon

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


My four year old daughter was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy just after Christmas.  I brought her to an ENT consultant who prescribed steroids and anti-viral medication for her.  He told me that recovery could take up to a year.  I was absolutely devastated as her face was very distorted and her beautiful smile was gone. 

Her eye was also affected and she could not blink or close her eye.  As a result I had to put ointment in her eye every night and tape her eye shut to prevent dust and dirt getting into it while she slept.

 I also brought her for physiotherapy even though I was told that it was unclear if physio had any benefits, however I was willing to try anything.  The first couple of months were so hard as there was absolutely no improvement whatsoever.

 I spoke to Annette about it and she recommended surrogate kinesiology for her.  This works whereby I act as a surrogate for my daughter and Annette works on me (as my daughter would not be able to lie still for the hour long sessions).

 Annette recommended three sessions initially.  The day after the third session I noticed a tiny blink in her affected eye and since then the difference has just been amazing.  Every day I could see more and more improvement.  I completed four sessions for her and she now has about 95% recovery two weeks after completing the sessions.

I cannot thank Annette enough.  My beautiful daughter has her beautiful smile back.  I have no doubt that her recovery is a result of the sessions with Annette, plus I found the sessions very relaxing also.

 Maria Masterson, Granard, Co. Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I recently attended Annette for a course of treatment.  My complaint was that I had difficulty getting a good night's sleep.  Sleeping pills were suggested but I did not wish to pursue that treatment.  I consulted Annette and after three sessions my sleep pattern returned to normal.

 I also consulted Annette about a problem I had with my left shoulder.  I damaged it in a fall a number of years ago and recently it had started to give me bother again.  Surgery had been suggested but I would be out of work for six to eight weeks which wasn't an option.  Again I attended Annette for three sessions after which I regained full function and was able to continue to work in comfort.  I was delighted with the results.

CJM, Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I've had very bad back pain for the last 20 years.  I was diagnosed as having 3 herniated discs in my spine and over the course of the last few years I've been forced to have a disectomy 7 times.  Disectomy is the surgical removal of herniated disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord.

 The procedure involves removing the central portion of an intervertebral disc, the nucleus pulposus, which causes pain by stressing the spinal cord or radiating nerves.  For the last 3 or 4 months I began to suffer with very bad pain in my left hip too and I just couldn't lie on that side at night at all as the pain was unbearable.

 The back pain was still as bad as ever and I was due to go back for surgery for the 8th time until a friend suggested I give Annette a call and try Kinesiology.  Since my sessions with Annette I'm feeling wonderful.  The hip pain has completely gone.  Sometimes my back gets a little stiff but nothing in comparison to the pain I had been feeling on a constant day to day basis prior to treatment.  Thanks to Annette's treatments I have been able to avoid having that 8th surgery!

 Alan French, Kilmore, Co.Roscommon

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I went to see Annette Reilly with a very bad pain in my right heel which I had been suffering with for some time.

 I could barely put my heel to the ground without it causing huge pain and discomfort.  3 Days after my first session the pain was completely gone and I have not had pain in that heel since.

Kevin Boyhan, Ferbranush, Multyfarnham, Co. Westmeath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I've been attending Annette since last September and it has definitely made a huge difference to my life.  Annette discovered the first time I went to see her that my serotonin and melatonin hormones indicated high levels of stress and she used correction techniques to rebalance these.

 Annette continues to rebalance these hormones on each visit and thankfully the positive changes this makes are evident. 

Kinesiology is also brilliant for treating diabetes.  I had been suffering from Diabetes for almost 2 years before I attended Annette for my first Kinesiology session.  I have since had to reduce the dosage of herbs I am taking for diabetes.  Also my frozen shoulder that had been troubling me for some time showed great improvement from the very first session and it is getting better all the time.

I am doing the kinesiology workshop that Annette teaches and I can't wait to practice it myself.  It's a fantastic treatment, and can be used to treat such a wide variety of ailments.  It is non invasive and so relaxing.  I can highly recommend this treatment to anybody.

Karen Mc Gonigle, Legan, Co. Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


For the past two months I've had Sinusitis and I've felt truly miserable.  I'd been getting very sharp pain under both my eyes, at the side of my nose and forehead and I'd just been sneezing constantly which in turn was causing my eyes to water non stop.

 I attended my G.P who gave me a prescription for an antihistamine but unfortunately that failed to solve the problem.  Feeling distraught I took a trip to my local health food store where I was hoping to find a more natural conclusion.

That's when I came across Annette's leaflet.  Sinusitis was listed there as one of the conditions Annette worked with so I booked in for some treatment and two weeks later my sinuses are clear. No pain, no sneezing and best of all no more watery eyes!! Thanks Annette.

 Gerard Walsh, Rockwood, Co. Sligo

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I've had really bad pain, weakness & often numbness in both my hands and wrists for almost 12 months.  I work as a data entry operator so for the best part of the week I'm working on my keyboard which I'm sure doesn't help.

The pain in my wrists would be unbearable at times and would often travel up both my arms.  I attended my GP who diagnosed my condition as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  I was then prescribed a dose of anti inflammatory medication and some pain killers.

Two months later there was still no improvement.  I came across Annette's website by chance and noticed she had quite a remarkable list of testimonies from other clients so I decided to try Kinesiology for myself.  I have to say I'm delighted with the results.  The morning following my first session I woke up feeling very refreshed, energised and best of all completely free from pain!!  It's been just over 6 months now since my initial consultation and I have to say I'm in great form and still symptom free. Very Grateful to you Annette.

Michelle Rogers, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I've had Sciatica for the last year and a half and this was causing pain, a burning sensation,and tingling all the way from my lower back and upper buttock down the back of my thigh to the back of my right leg.

Sometimes the pain would radiate around my hip or buttock region and actually feel more like hip pain.  I wasn't getting any sleep at night as the pain would get so bad when I would lie down.

 Sometimes I would get relief by changing positions in the bed but more often than not I was watching the clock and praying for morning to come.

 I found walking long distances to be extremely painful if not impossible at times.  Since attending Annette for a course of 3 sessions I feel absolutely wonderful.  The pain has gone completely.  I'm getting a proper nights sleep every night and the increase in my energy levels have been amazing.  Very pleased with the treatment outcome.

 Margaret Sorohan, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I'm 29 years old now and I've had psoriasis since I was 15.  It started as really itchy red bumps all over my body and even on my face.  Later the bumps turned into purpleish red spots which I know now are called plaques.

 I'd tried all of the creams & ointments the Doctor prescribed but they would only give me relief for a short period of time.  Generally a few days if even that.  The red patches of skin would always return and get so itchy again.

About 6 weeks ago I came across Annette's website and noticed she worked with Skin Disorders so I went along for my 3 sessions.  I just can't believe the relief I've had since.  There's no more dry flaky skin.  The red patches are as good as gone and I'm feeling more confident than I have in years.

 Rachel Lyons, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


Following the birth of my son I was diagnosed with post-natal depression.  I attended my GP when my son was six weeks old feeling stressed and anxious.  I was feeling as though I was not thinking straight or logically.  The smallest decisions I had to make were becoming difficult.

 I attended Annette for three sessions of kinesiology over three weeks and found a great reduction in my levels of anxiety.  The horrible feeling of not being totally present was gone and a more clear thinking pattern replaced it!  My body felt calmer and I felt more able for the challenges of motherhood.

 I also took on board Annette's advice on maintaining a good diet, drinking lots of water and increasing my serotonin levels (happy hormone) by getting out walking more.  I also replaced my many coffees in the day with chamomile teas!

On Annette's advice I also listen to relaxation tapes which I find excellent.  I felt the sessions were really beneficial and I am currently maintaining my exercise and healthy living regime.  I also found Annette's tips for a more holistic way of living to be of great help to my overall well being.

Clare Gill, Trim, Co. Meath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I was suffering with pain in my right hip for almost four years and in the last two years it got even more painful.  I attended a Physiotherapist for several sessions but I was just not progressing at all.  I had hip x-rays four January's in a row but all they showed up was mild osteoarthritis.

 Mild was inconsistent with the severe pain I was experiencing.  Last year I ended up having a hip replacement but found I was still getting very bad pain and soreness in the hip area.  I thought once I had the operation that everything would be alright again and that the initial pain would be gone but unfortunately that was not the case.  I found I wasn't progressing with any milestones even a few months after surgery.

 I attended Annette for a few sessions of Kinesiology a few months later and have had huge improvement since. I still get soreness the odd time but nothing in comparison to the pain I had been experiencing.  I can now do all the normal things like standing, walking or going out to the shops and my hip joint feels perfect.

 Anne Corkery, Ardagh, Co. Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I'd been having really bad headaches for almost 2 years and of late they'd been accompanied by feelings of nausea and dizziness.  I attended my Doctor who sent me for an MRI Scan but the results came back clear.

 I was then prescribed pain killers that were leaving me with a very upset stomach.  By chance I came across Annette's brochure in our local shop and decided to give this treatment a go.  Am I glad I did!!

 The headaches and feelings of nausea and dizziness were completely gone within the first week.  My stomach settled and I can happily say that I have not had any of those same symptoms since.  Very grateful to you Annette.

 Catherine Mullins, Enfield, Co. Meath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


My son is 7 years old and in 1st class.  Towards the end of last year he was diagnosed as having dyslexia and 3 to 5 times a week he would have to go to a remedial teacher to get help with his school work.

 I spent a lot of time online researching this topic and one day came across Annette's website where she had listed Dyslexia as one of the ailments she treats.  I took Aaron along for a course of three sessions over a 3 week period and one follow up session since and I'm just amazed at the results.

 Prior to his sessions with Annette, Aaron hated reading and it was always a struggle to get him to read with me.  Now I barely see him without a book in his hand!

His teacher has also spoken to me about his level of improvement in class and feels he no longer needs to attend the remedial teacher.  An extremely happy parent. Thanks Annette x

Margaret Brennan, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I heard about Annette and Neuroenergetic Kinesiology through a friend of mine who highly recommended it.  I went along to Annette for my 3 weekly sessions and have also had one follow up session since.

 I have suffered with hormonal imbalances, low energy and backache for many years but after attending Annette, I'm a new woman! I feel very calm, have increased energy and in general am much more relaxed and content and my life has improved in many ways since I attended my first session.

 I would highly recommend Annette and Neuroenergetic Kinesiology for any/all conditions - it's very powerful and it really works!!!

Martina Harte, Lanesboro, Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I had been feeling very tired all the time with no energy for everyday life.  I read a leaflet about Kinesiologist Annette Reilly and decided to give it a try.

 After my first session with Annette I could feel a difference in my energy, zest for life and also in my mood.  Annette helped me on my weight loss journey, I had reached a plateau and couldn't get any further, since my sessions with Annette I have lost more weight and my sugary cravings are reduced greatly.

 I find it easier to motivate myself and because of my increase in energy I can fit much more into my day. Annette also helped with my grief following the death of my sister and brother who both died at very young ages.  I would highly recommend Kinesiologist Annette Reilly who has made great changes to my life in just a few sessions. Thanks Annette.

Fidelma Conboy, Leitrim

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I had been suffering from stomach problems for about two years and tried everything but nothing worked for me until I read about Kinesiologist Annette Reilly.  I made an appointment with Annette but didn't tell her what was wrong with me.

 After Annette working on me for a few mintues she was able to tell me.  Annette told me that I had a lot of grief in my system for over two years and that this was causing problems with my digestive system.  I was amazed how she could tell me this and this made me feel confident that I had the right person and I was on the right road to recovery.

 My son was killed in a very tragic accident just two years prior to my visit to Annette.  After my first session I was feeling much better, Annette said it would take three sessions to get to the bottom of it and after the three sessions I didn't know myself.  I am a different person, this is almost a year later and I never looked back since.  Thanks Annette.

Mary Conboy, Leitrim

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


About 2 months ago I accidentally came across a leaflet about kinesiology.  I suddenly became very interested because of the large number of topics it mentioned.  In particular the area that dealt with brain dysfunction and co-ordination.

My son Gavin was born last October.  When I was in labour my womb collapsed which caused Gavin to be deprived of oxygen and this caused slight brain damage.  The area of his brain that was damaged affects the muscle tone in his arms and legs, e.g. a stiffness in muscles and joints which would result in Gavin not being able to walk properly or to even hold a toy.

 I decided to call Annette to see if she could help Gavin in any way.  I'm so glad I did make that call.  Annette told me that she would certainly be able to help Gavin.  That same day I called to Annette and agreed to act as surrogate for Gavin.  Annette had explained to me about how surrogate work can be done in the case of a small infant/child who would be too small to be tested accurately. In this case by me agreeing to surrogate for Gavin, Annette did the work on my body but it was actually clearing the stress from Gavin's system.

When I got home after the session with Annette, Gavin was asleep and he slept for 3 hours altogether. This had never happened before.  When he woke up he was so happy and smiley and just so relaxed.  I instantly saw a difference in him.  I was thrilled!!  I had to go back to Annette once a week for 3 weeks.

 I looked forward to each session as I was eager to see how Gavin would progress.  To this day Gavin's hands are much more flexible (whereas before his hands would be in a constant fist).  He is sucking his hands like mad now as he's teething.  He's holding onto toys and pulling my hair also!!

 I am so so delighted with the results and I'm so glad to have come across Kinesiology.  It's amazing and it really works!  I'm looking forward to my next "top up" session too as its sooooo relaxing.  Thanks Annette for everything.

 Alice Mc Keon, Swanlinbar, Co. Cavan xx

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I've always had a problem with my weight.  I have tried every possible diet going.  When I heard about Kinesiology I decided to call the number.  I went to see Annette and she explained to me about the importance of Blood Type in relation to weight loss.

The Blood Type Diet is all about eating the right foods that are beneficial to your particular Blood Type as opposed to eating foods that are actually toxic to your system and causing allergies and weight gain.

 I attended the sessions about 2 months ago and I am thrilled to say that I have dropped a dress size already.  It's all about eating the right foods for your type and increasing water intake and of course getting more exercise.

It's great, I feel fantastic and I'm getting lots of compliments on how well I look.  I would strongly recommend this form of treatment for weight loss as if it can work for me it can definitely work for someone else. Thanks Annette for all your advice and help.

 Sarah Brady, Clones, Co. Monaghan

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


My 15 year old daughter Orla got really sick around Oct 2009.  She began having anxiety attacks on a daily basis.  It got so bad that she couldn't bear to be away from me for any length of time.  She was filled with this fear that something terrible was going to happen.

 At its worst she felt unable to shower without having me stand outside the door and wait for her.  Her sleep pattern was so disturbed and I would often have to sit in the room with her until 2 or 3am when she would fall asleep.  Eventually I ended up having to share my bed with her due to the irrational fear that had somehow got into her system.

 It got to the point where she couldn't bear to be in a shop even when I was with her. She would walk into the shop and immediately start to feel anxious and feel like she was going to faint.  The anxiety got so bad that she was forced to leave school for the best part of 12 months.  She completely lost touch with all of her friends as they would always be inviting her over but she was too terrified to be away from me for any period.

I saw Annette's ad in the paper and took Orla along to see her.  Orla attended Annette for 3 sessions initially and has been for one follow up session since and the change in all of our lives has been remarkable.  Orla has never felt better.  She is back in full time education attending all of her classes.  Before having the treatments with Annette, Orla had applied to the school to see if she could sit her leaving cert exams at home under supervision as she didn't feel she could cope with being back at school, now she is fully content with taking her exams with all of the other students.

 She often takes the bus home from school now or gets a lift home with a friend, this would have been unheard of before treatment.  Orla now manages to stay home alone when the need arises without getting herself in a state of panic.  Anxiety was an issue that was discussed in our home morning, noon and night before we tried Kinesiology.  Now it's never mentioned.  We are so delighted to have found a treatment that REALLY works. 

The only problem now is that Orla is out and about most weekends and I hardly ever get to see her!!! I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from fear/anxiety or overall stress in the body.  It's really effective.

Carol Flynn, Swords, Co. Dublin

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


For the past 4 years I've been suffering on a day to day basis with an irritable bowel, low energy levels and just a total lack of motivation for life in general.  I've attended my doctor on several occasions only to be handed more tablets to "treat the symptoms" as opposed to treating the cause!

 A friend suggested Kinesiology to me and I'd never even heard of it.  I decided to give it a go and am just astounded at the results.  Since my second session my digestive system has been restored to what I feel is optimum health.

My energy levels have soared and I just have a whole new lease on life.  I am so grateful to Annette for her help and support on my journey to health and to my friend for guiding me towards this form of treatment that has made such a huge difference to my life.  I am eternally grateful to you both."

 Mary Walsh, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I took our two teenage daughters to Annette about four months ago.  They were emotionally distressed after the loss of their cousin who had passed away six months previously following a short illness.

They took 3 sessions over a 3-week period.  Both of the girls were very impressed with Annette's calming and professional manner.  There was a significant improvement on their first visit and they were able to deal with everyday life much better.  I was extremely happy with the outcome.

 Paula Dempsey, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I had suffered with pain in every joint in my body for over three years.  My son came across Annette's ad and booked me in for a session.  I have not looked back.

I have been left completely free from pain since my first session and that was almost 6 months ago.

Mary McNally, Tarmonbarry

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


Having suffered with lower back pain for several years I attended Annette for a session of Kinesiology.  A few days after the session, I had been out to the shed to get a bucket of turf for the fire.  It was only when I came back into the house I realised that for the first time in years my lower back hadn't bothered me and I had managed to fill the bucket and carry it into the house without even the slightest twinge.

Jimmy Kelly, Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland


I took my 9 year old daughter to see Annette two years ago as she was suffering with Bells Palsy (a weakness or paralysis of the muscles that control expression on one side of your face).

Annette, through NEK, can access both spinal and facial nerves and clear the stress from these.  After the first session my daughter was left with an 80% improvement in her condition.  A second session left her with 90% improvement.

Margaret Ann Earner, Longford

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland



I've recently started playing 11-a-side football in an over-35's league. We train for 90mins and play a match for 90mins.

Because of the weather over the past 2 months the pitches are hard and with training and matches I've picked up the unwelcome "shin splints". For anyone who's experienced this, they will tell you its very painful. To a point where its very uncomfortable to even walk.

Wednesday 2 weeks ago we played a match, with 5 minutes remaining I had to come off the pitch with an unbearable shooting pain in my shins. I visited my GP on the Thursday and he recommend I take Ponstan and rest for 3weeks - "that should work" was his medical opinion.

Not happy with that I visited Annette Reilly on the Friday who practices Neuroenergetic Kinesiology. I explained my symptoms and Annette got me to relax, lie down on her treatment table and proceeded to ask many questions and work on the pressure points throughout my body. The session lasted an hour and at the end Annette explained I'd made great progress and I could play an indoor match that was arranged for that evening.

I managed 50 minutes that evening, felt some discomfort and decided to take a rest. I had another session the following Friday, which lasted another hour.

We had a match the next day, I managed 90 minutes without any pain in my shins. Over the past few weeks because of the severe pain I was enduring I honestly believed I wouldn't get to play this season. After 2 sessions with Annette I'm really looking forward to the next 9 months of league football.

David White, Bettystown, Drogheda, Co. Louth - Owner of Mumstown www.mumstown.ie

Kinesiology, Kinesiology Ireland

Kinesiology can be of real benefit with a range of different diseases like: Diabetes, Cancer, Pain, Weight, Infection, Virus, Diet, Thyroid, Sleep, Depression 

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